Walk-In Coolers & Freezers

Thermo-Kool Walk-In Cooler

Ice Cold Equipment will ensure your Walk-In Cooler or Freezer is properly specified to ensure you get what you need and gain the maximum effectiveness out of your investment. We know Refrigeration - which is why we ensure your box is installed exactly how the manufacturer expected it to be. Each project is assigned an in-house PMP (Project Management Professional) to expedite the permitting process, work with inspectors, and to ensure the equipment is installed with the highest level of quality. 

Ice Cold Equipment only offers our clients products from manufacturers we view as having the best combination of quality, after-sale support, and price. 

Thermo-Kool Best of Class

Here are Ice Cold's 2021 Top Picks for Walk-In Coolers & Freezers:

  1. Thermo-Kool is once again is our top pick and our Gold medal manufacturer for 2021. They check every box there is to check, with Best-In-Class Customer Support, Best-In-Class Service Network, Best-In-Class Fit & Finish, Best-In-Class Performance, leading to the overall Best-In-Class Value for 2021. 

  2. American Panel has earned a Silver medal for 2021 from Ice Cold Equipment. They offer an extremely high quality box with Best-In-Class Fit & Finish, Best-In-Class Performance, Top of Market Customer Support, and a Top of Market Value. 

  3. Kolpak has earned a Silver medal for 2021 from Ice Cold Equipment. They have Best-In-Class Customer Support, Best-In-Class Service Network, and a Top of Market Value. Their box does not have the Quality / Fit & Finish of Thermo-Kool or American Panel, but their price point reflects that. This has become a wildly popular option amongst fast growing chain restaurants and is a tremendous value. 

Other Brands Considered: Imperial Brown, ICS, Thermalrite, Amerikooler, Bally, Master-Bilt, Norlake, U.S. Cooler, Polar King, and Arctic Walk-In's.