Soft-Serve Leasing

Soft-Serve Leasing

Refrigeration leasing is becoming widely popular due to businesses wanting to eliminate large out-of-pocket expenses, simplify budgeting, and simplifying equipment management. Soft-serve equipment is one of the most complex pieces of refrigeration, making it costly to maintain and difficult to find quality service agents to service them. This makes it an ideal lease for Facility and Operations Managers in the QSR space and why they partner with Ice Cold to manage their soft-serve program. 

Benefits Of Leasing

  • 100% Financing - No large upfront out-of-pocket costs
  • Tax-Deductible
  • Immediate write-off of the dollars spent
  • Flexibility - As your needs grow and change your equipment can too
  • Shift The Risk - No liabilities of ownership
  • Brand New Equipment - Get the latest tech with the reliability of new equipment
  • Improved Cash Forecasting - No more $1000 breakdowns that wreck monthly budgets.
  • Flexible End Of Term Options - Buy the existing equipment or begin a new lease with new equipment

Why Go Ice Cold

  • Receive brand new equipment from the industry leader Electro-Freeze, our Gold Label Manufacturer for 2022.
  • Soft-serve equipment is complex to service. We vet and partner with elite service providers for Electro-Freeze. 
  • You deal with one elite service company for all service related needs. 
  • No hidden fees. Your monthly payment is all you pay, inclusive of all service. 
  • Monthly, quarterly, and bi-annual maintenance options, depending on what level of maintenance you are capable of completing on your own. 
  • Ice Cold provides maintenance kits for your equipment on preset schedule.

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