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Ops and Facilities Teams across the country are opting for Full-Service Refrigeration Leases. Our clients have tested and proven that routine maintenance by high quality, local and regional service companies lead to less reactive, emergency service calls. 

Ice Cold partners with Local and Regional Refrigeration specialists. We provide you with one top tier refrigeration contractor for the duration of your lease with the primary mission of providing you with maximum equipment uptime. By partnering you with only one service company, we ensure full ownership through the life of the lease. They become the expert in your equipment and are incentivized to achieve maximum equipment uptime. 

Our service agents are fully vetted by Ice Cold. These are our endorsed local service providers. These are our friends, our industry peers, and the companies we'd recommend to our family to service their own equipment. Each service provider is an expert in the field of Refrigeration, highly regarding in the Commercial Food Equipment Industry, and provides top-notch customer service. 

Full-Service Refrigeration Leasing leads to consistency, improved cash forecasting and less emergency service calls. Interested in learning what a Leasing roll-out would look like at your company? Reach out by email, phone or complete our contact form. 

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