Full-Service Lease Program

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Refrigeration leasing is becoming wildly popular due to businesses wanting to eliminate large out-of-pocket expenses, simplify budgeting, and simplifying equipment management. 

Benefits Of Leasing

  • 100% Financing - No large upfront out-of-pocket costs
  • Tax-Deductible
  • Immediate write-off of the dollars spent
  • Flexibility - As your needs grow and change your equipment can too
  • Shift The Risk - No liabilities of ownership
  • New Equipment - Get the latest tech with the reliability of new equipment
  • Improved Cash Forecasting
  • Flexible End Of Term Options - Buy the existing equipment or begin a new lease with new equipment

Why Go Ice Cold

  • We offer a variety of Refrigeration Equipment options, including Ice Machines and Frozen Treat Equipment (Soft-Serve, Gelato, Slush, etc). 
  • We only provide new equipment from gold label manufacturers, such as Ice-O-Matic, Hoshizaki, & Electro-Freeze. 
  • We've vetted and partnered with elite factory warranty service providers so you will only deal with one trusted service company for installation, repair, and maintenances. Your complete satisfaction is guaranteed. 
  • Full-Service Leasing includes all factory recommended maintenance and necessary repairs. Never spend a penny more than your monthly payment.
  • Our clients have conducted regional and national tests and have proven that routine maintenance increases equipment uptime and lowers the rate of emergency service calls. 

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