Ice Machines

**Congratulations to our 2022 Top Picks - Hoshizaki & Ice-O-Matic!**

Ice Cold is an Ice Machine Dealer that specializes in leasing and turn-key installations. We believe to be wildly successful, you need to focus all your efforts on areas of strength. If someone can be at least 80% effective at a task, you should delegate it so you can focus on growing your business. That's where we come in. Let our service team handle the installation, service and maintenance of your equipment with a full-service ice machine lease. We not only guarantee complete satisfaction, we guarantee you will receive more time on your hands to focus on your business. 

Our experts will ensure your Ice Machine is properly specified to ensure you get what you need and gain the maximum effectiveness out of your investment. We know Refrigeration - which is why we ensure your new ice machine is installed exactly how the manufacturer expected it to be. 

Ice Cold only recommends products from manufacturers we view as having the best combination of quality, after-sale support, and price. 

Here are Ice Cold's 2022 Top Picks for Ice Machines:

  1. Hoshizaki is once again is our top pick and our Gold medal manufacturer for 2022. They check every box there is to check, with Best-In-Class Customer Support, Best-In-Class Fit & Finish, Best-In-Class Performance, and Best-In Class Parts Network. Their Service Network needs to be updated, but there are enough quality Service Providers on the list if you search hard enough. Their parts network is Factory Direct, so service agents don't need to go through third party distributors - saving you money. A staple on Florida Golf Courses, Hoshizaki will outlast the pack in brutal Florida outdoor settings. This leads to our Best-In-Class Value for 2022. 

  2. Ice-O-Matic has earned our Silver medal for 2022. They have Best-In-Class Customer Support, Best-In-Class Service Network, Best-In-Class Parts Network and a Top of Market Value. This ice machine is not at the same level of performance as Hoshizaki, especially in outdoor settings, but their price point reflects that. Parts are distributed to service agents Factory Direct, saving you money. To get the maximum value out of the ice machine, we recommend only using them as intended - in indoor, temperature controlled settings. This has become a wildly popular option amongst fast growing chain restaurants and is a tremendous value. 

Other Brands Considered: Scotsman, Manitowoc, Follett, Kold-Draft, ITV, Koolaire, Blue Air, Ice-Tro, Avantco. 

Although we may recommend the Top Picks listed above to our clients, we are a Full-Service Dealer that can procure any make and model of equipment. We offer FAST FREE FREIGHT on select orders. Call or email for the most current availability and to ensure your deepest discount.