Consulting Services


At Ice Cold, we solve your most critical Refrigeration issues. We deliver strategy and implementation to help you seize opportunities. We operate as a boutique firm that specializes in Refrigeration Service, Engineering, Manufacturing, Sales and Marketing. We help the following segments:

  • Refrigeration Manufacturers 
  • Restaurant Chains
  • Supermarkets & Convenience Stores
  • Healthcare
  • School Districts & Universities
  • Private Equity & Consultants
  • Food Equipment Dealers
  • And More.

We founded Ice Cold after years of encouragement from existing and past clients.

Our mission was to help educate, train, and mentor organizations to solve refrigeration problems, overcome obstacles and dominate their market. Our goal was to come in and get out on a short-term, project based basis. 

Although we may accept dozens of project based cases throughout the year, we are only accepting one Annual Ice Cold Client per year per segment. This ensures the highest level of service and avoids conflict of interest. We want to give sincere thanks to all our past and existing clients for their support over the years. There is truly no better gift than helping others solve problems at scale. Thank you for allowing us into your world and trusting us to solve your problems. 

Our upcoming availability is updated weekly. Please check back regularly to see our upcoming availability HERE.